Thursday, 10 November 2011

Getting started

We bought a wooden shed to store all the tools and materials whilst we are building. I made a stone floor with a cob/lime mortar. It gave me a chance to see how strong the mix with the lime was.

For digging and building the foundations for the house we decided to employ a local builder and 2 helpers, to dig the foundations ourselves would take a long time and we wanted the foundations done before the rains start! Once the foundations are done, I plan to build the cob walls myself.

Looking at possible sites to build with Misheck who will be building the foundations

Yabani delivering rocks from nearby in his scotch cart

Clearing the site, we chose an area where we didn't need to cut down any trees, with a good view, drainage is good, we then cleared a road going around any large trees to have access to the site.