Friday, 21 March 2014

“Vision is not seeing things as they are but as they will be”

Watching our dream come to life is one of the most exciting and satisfying experiences,  the whole plot is becoming a reality. 
The banana circle is flourishing, the trees are doing really well growing fast and with new shoots and leaves, all sorts of things are growing out of the compost in the centre.  

The beans have done really well, drying them out now to store. The groundnuts should be ready in a few weeks, the sunflowers are out and lots of both wild and planted creeping plants cover the soil.

The rainwater tank is up and running, Misheck helped me to make a strong slab to put it on.

I gave the materials to make the gutters to some friends locally who do metal work, they made the gutters to size for the house and bathroom. 
A funnel with a mesh filter attached to the downspout to clean any debris out of the water.

One gutter set up straight to the tank, we built another verandah on the other side which will also collect rain water.


building the roof and frame for the canvas shower room
no power tools!!
inside the bathroom, thanks to Gogo for doing an amazing job sewing the canvas tent, it looks great!
catching every drop of rain we can!!

I've just finished the stem wall of the house, so once this is dry I can put the termite barrier on and start building with the mud bricks.