Friday, 28 September 2012

Mud dancing with family, friends and elephants!!

So the walls are coming up, the weather is getting hot so it's hard work but visits from friends and neighbours who want to help has made such a difference, thanks everyone!! There has been some excitement, one day I was building alone and a herd of elephants came running towards me, at 2pm it was very unexpected to see these elephants in the communal lands, I had to run for cover so didn't get any pictures!

camping on the plot, we enjoyed solar showers and Oly a bath by the fire
Throwing the cob balls is a lot more fun than having to push the wheelbarrow through the sand!

A bush fire gave me a fright, but was stopped before it crossed the road, although cob is fireproof, my shed is not!!

mud dancing is exhausting!! 

so the walls are coming up, there will be two floor levels, on the one side I am  levelling the wall to fit the arched window frames.