Friday, 19 October 2012

Cob Love

It's starting to look like a house, I've placed 4 window frames, so it's getting very exciting. As the house is on a slope there are going to be two different floor levels, it's important that the finished floor level will be above ground level.

My husband had a week off work and joined me, he also fell in love with cob!!
First window frame, yeahy, so exciting!! 
number two
There are 3 round window frames for the living room which will be placed diagonally so the first one is in place
one of the window frames for the bedroom which will have bottles above it. 
Brent made me a great movable scaffolding as on one side of the house the walls are getting too high for me
look closely at the base of the stump, a beautiful Puff Adder, they are very dangerous but as with anything only if you disturb them! A visitor wanted to kill it but I explained how this is also the snakes home, it's got it's role to play! 
The smell of the first rains on the dry baked earth here is one of the best, but I didn't enjoy it for long as a huge storm came along, it's a month earlier than anticipated, so I will see if this slows down the building.
It was really a heavy storm, I kept the walls covered, but the material is not very waterproof, will have to get something else until I get the roof up. The walls did well though, no damage.