Friday, 20 July 2012

Making a plan!!!

This past week my car was broken down, and to get a new part is no simple affair here, I had to wait for someone who could get it 300kms away.
A baboon enjoying my lifeless car

I did manage to get to the plot on several days getting lifts from friends, so the stem wall has been creeping up.

on one day I decided to try and ride to the plot, bearing in mind I haven't ridden a bike in 12 years at least, and this is in a wildlife area, where you can bump into elephants or lions amongst others, I had a great time, was exhausted though and took too long to actually get any building done!!

Watching a lioness from the car 
one of the many elephants around at the moment

and a wild dog

 So after a week of 'making a plan' I'm back working on the plot every day, I'm setting up a temporary compost toilet and shower area so we can camp more often and get moving!!

my husband was working in the area on this day and came to take some pictures

'Shumba' which means lion, our neighbour's dog, likes to come and watch me dance in the mud!

one of the many wonderful animals we see in our garden at our current home, a male bushbuck enjoys the refreshing taste of my mint growing by the kitchen.