Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Mud Brick Factory

It's been a long time since I have had the time to sit down and try and write and up load photos of what I have been doing. I am building every single day, it's very very hot but the building process is coming along nicely, so let the photos do the talking...

Friends and family have been visiting and helping out, here my parents are having a go at mud dancing

Taking a moment to admire the many beautfiul butterflies that flock to the moisture of the mud dancing 

preparing the tree nursery with oliver and his friends, we want to plant the trees in the rainy season on the plot

Oliver has been helping out

making his own house deisgn's 

So  I have finished the foundations and I'm  trying to get all the bricks finished before the rains,  getting there!! 

Putting up the roof!!

 We spent a weekend a couple of weeks ago building the roof on poles so that the foundations are protected and I can keep building even when it starts to rain, so I am very happy!! 

This amazing contraption allowed us to make holes for the poles without digging, just twist in wet sand and it goes in like a cork screw, a bit more effort but better than digging holes!! 

Collecting water at the village borehole, the hand pump is hard work! 

The roof coming up

Yabani making a quick ladder from some sticks, amazing


I couldn't have done this without the help of my husband Brent, Roy, Misheck and Yabani, it was real team-work and it came together beautifully, thanks so much!! 

The roof covers the house and also has a verandah, guttering is to come so we can collect the precious rain!! 

My bricks are safe under the verandah's roof,  so I should be able to sleep soundly once the rains start!!