Friday, 28 April 2017

The Soft Foot Homestead

 You might have noticed I have slightly changed the blog title as although I'm still working on natural building projects, I will be sharing other aspects of our simple, sustainable and improved lifestyle to inspire you. From simple ways of making life more efficient with as little impact on the planet, to vegetarian and vegan recipes using local ingredients from the african bush.

Here is a quick catch up on the past couple of years living in The Soft Foot Homestead (thats a hint as to one of the things we have been up to this past year) We have been busy setting up The Soft Foot Alliance using our experience and passion to finding and applying simple ways for humans and wildlife to live side by side.

The addition of an adobe/ bottle wall on the verandah
The animal adventures continue, a very friendly elephant has a closer smell of the car.

Rocket stoves have taken off after much interest from our neighbors training began in 2016

3 workshops so far with between 15-20 women making their own stoves with local clay and manure. 

After a visit from my father he made me a new washing machine, works pretty well!!

one of the new members of the family 'Futchie' short for 'future kitty'
The death of Bill Mollison is a huge loss for the world, but his vision and work lives on and we work daily to see that happen.
Insaba has grown into her name, 'ray of sunlight' after one of my favorite lioness's, she looks more and more like a lion!!

One of the aspects of our work now as THE SOFT FOOT ALLIANCE is finding simple solutions for people and wildife to live side by side. Here Brent and Oliver help to put up a boma that protects livestock from lions, just the fact that they can't see means they won't go inside, plus the boma is mobile so is used to fertilize fields. Just one of the exciting things we have been working on

Just one of the fruits from zone 5 the largest zone on our place, preserving the indigenous forest, chanterelle mushrooms

home grown Jalapenos 

more and more goodies growing in our place

Cooking rosella(hibiscus) for dinner

Rosella pancake with chilli sauce. 
homegrown cowpeas are our major protein source.