Friday, 13 January 2012

Details, details...

I drew up the design for this door, which will be the front door. A local carpenter who uses wood from the forestry commission, which is the most sustainable source of wood here at the moment. The wood used is Mukwa. He did a great job, I'm really happy with this, a window pane will be fitted in the circular hole. I love arches and I am keen to have mainly arched doors and doorways in the house, this also reduces the need for lintels. The back door will be rectangular with a lintel as I have some old railway sleepers which look beautiful as lintels.

Any wood which is cut and used in the house, we are replacing by planting more trees which I have grown from seed on our land.


  1. hi there!..i was once discussing old/ancient impregnation techniques,in thailand with some locals...the result was, thati also impregnated my wood with just :Mud-means , you have to put the wood ,or bamboo, for 3-6 weeks into a mudyriver and its ready ,means finnished impregnated , also aginst fire and of course termites and othe insects... try it!from jo, germany(hjschone(at)

    1. Hi Jochen,

      Thanks for this information, that sounds really interesting, do you have any more detailed documentation/information on how this was done? As termites and wood borers are a big problem here and I am looking for natural ways to deter them!