Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Foundations coming up and up!

The foundations have come up to ground level from one meter deep! A lot of hard work, Misheck and Abel have been doing a great job. The stone work is coming above ground level now to make the stem wall, which will be between 30cm and 50cm above ground level, this protects the cob walls from damp and any splash back from rain coming off the roof.

I've been delivering water each day to the site and soaking clay in bins 

The foundations 3 weeks ago

My son collecting his favorite wild fruit growing on the plot

Discussing progress

coming up...

...and up

Yabani has been working hard delivering rocks in his scotch cart

It feels pretty strong!!

Reached ground level on outside walls

Starting the interior wall foundations

How the foundations looked yesterday...not long before I can start with the mud dancing!!! 


  1. Looking good Zimlion!
    what excitement you must all feel.....

  2. I like your work. you are doing handwork. well done guys. thanks for post.

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